“I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free.” Michelangelo

Before we get to the details, let me frame the problem for you.

Our populations are rising

The number of critical digital skillsets are growing

Employees are expensive

Profit margins are shrinking

What this should be telling you is that your company needs to be working as effectively as possible, in the most cost efficient manner available to you.

This, is why we need distributed teams.

As an example let’s imagine that you’re a creative agency in London, and you’ve been working with your client, ’UberCake’, for a while now, and you’ve suggested to them that in their new campaign they should use ‘Cakebot’, a friendly chatbot that allows users to order personalised cakes.

Your team feel that it’s a great tech addition to the campaign that will delight new and existing UberCake customers, and will increase cake sales. The UberCake marketing team agree with your campaign proposal and ask for costs and timescales… So who is going to deliver this chatbot for you?

Do you propose using a development agency?

Do you propose using a development agency?

Or, do you make use of your distributed team?

Regardless of the obvious benefit in reducing the time and cost to get the project off the ground, let’s say that no matter what kind of resource you used the campaign went incredibly well and UberCake sold a whole lot of cakes, and now you want to start offering chatbots to all of your clients as part of their campaigns, how do you scale this new revenue stream?

Do you use the development agency?

  • £130ph

Do you hire your own team?

  • £100,000 minimum investment

Or, do you work with a distributed team?

  • £88ph (Distributed standard rate)

You can see that stacked up against the other options. The key to efficient growth lies in using distributed teams.

If you’re ready to start working with a distributed team, or you just want to know more about them, please get in touch, I’m happy to jump on Skype to talk about the future of teams and how we’re helping shape it at Distributed.

If anyone has any comments/suggestions/additions please reply or tweet me @callumadamson


The Talented Mr. Ripley by Patricia Highsmith

An incredibly captivating work of crime/suspense fiction. Tom Ripley is chosen by the wealthy Herbert Greenleaf to retrieve Greenleaf’s son, Dickie, from his overlong sojourn in Italy. Dickie, it seems, is held captive both by the Mediterranean climate and the attractions of his female companion, but Mr. Greenleaf needs him back in New York to help with the family business. With an allowance and a new purpose, Tom leaves behind his dismal city apartment to bring Dickie back.

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