Project Description

Stabilising code and preparing for rapid growth

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“Distributed helped us scale our technical infrastructure during a critical growth period and are now helping us prepare to re-platform and, ‘level-up’, our entire experience..”

Headline figures

Key KPI unlocked:
75% reduction in page load time, 5x reduction on external dependencies

Platform delivered on:
Web, Mobile

Technologies used:
PHP, MYSQL, Serverless, Tableau, Google Analytics, AWS

Elastic Team Members Used:
3 members

Who are Channel Mum?

Channel Mum’s mission is to help, entertain and inform mums and mums-to-be.

How they used Distributed

Channel Mum chose Distributed to support their core team.  After collecting customer insights, we built solutions to enhance their community’s experience.

We extended channel mum’s existing tech capacity. They already had specialists in WordPress, design and data management. We provided the right mix of backend support when they needed it and scaled down when they didn’t.


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