• Elastic Teams are the future of work for freelance tech talent and offer all the benefits of freelance careers with more benefits than permanent employment.

    Published On: 20 February 2022Categories: Blogs
  • Published On: 15 February 2022Categories: Blogs
  • BT Digital announces a £30m strategic investment and partnership with Distributed, providing access to on-demand Elastic Teams™ of technology professionals to its customers. The model allows BT to accelerate its digital transformation and innovation agenda by rapidly bringing together multi-skilled digital teams, enabling the business to build high-quality software faster and more efficiently.

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  • Emerging technologies are amplifying business’ demand for digital skills by up to 50% in Europe and the United States.

    Distributed are running a live webinar "Accessing digital talent for your competitive advantage: introducing Elastic Teams" to show how digital leaders can access a highly-vetted global talent pool with speed, flexibility, security, and proven QA processes to deliver fully managed outcomes for their business.

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  • CIOs, CTOs, HR, and business leaders need to consider different approaches and strategies to address the growing war for tech talent. On-demand workforce models allow companies to find top talent for hard-to-fill positions. For highly skilled workers, these arrangements allow talent to find a way to stay productive and in the workforce while also managing their work-life priorities

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  • UK-based Distributed, however, has just been awarded the Outstanding Reward & Recognition award from The Omnis for their outstanding work in bringing their teams together as a remote work hero.

    Distributed beat out dozens of applicants from around the world for The Omnis’ first awards program, hosted by Omnipresent, that celebrates global teams that have adapted to a new normal of working remotely.

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